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Canine Guests Go ‘Woof’ Over Our Five-Star Dog Boarding Retreat in Milton, ON


They like it. They like it lots. They like it so much that they all wag their tails and let out a ‘woof’ when staying at Kennel Land - a premier dog boarding facility in Rockwood. Small dogs,big dogs - every one is welcome.
Only 15 minutes from Milton, Guelph and Georgetown and just 5 minutes from downtown Rockwood and Acton your pooch will enjoy the finest vacation getaway in the whole GTA.


Milton’s premier dog boarding kennel and facility

Settled in gently rolling hills and the scenic nature on top of the beautiful escarpment sprawls our stunning dog boarding facility on 150 acres of land. Our locale is second to none. This is not only a dog’s home away from home – it’s their dream vacation spot. That’s right, we’ve become a household name in Milton and beyond, including Guelph, Georgetown, Rockwood and Acton as dog owners and their pooches go ‘woof’ over our dog boarding facility.


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Dog Boarding Done Differently

Our motto is ‘Dog Boarding Done Differently’ and this is why we have a steady pool of clients who provide us with droves of referrals. Veterinarians all over the GTA recommend us to their customers. Our goal is to provide a superb doggie retreat for your canine’s country vacation. In order to achieve this goal we have combined a cage-free dog boarding facility with oversized night suites and walks lots of time and opportunities for your pooch to play with other dogs, while also having the luxury to take in long walks. Our services for dog boarding are all wrapped together in an affordable package. At Kennel Land here in Milton you won’t find the typical prison cells with concrete walls and a trap door to a wire-fenced concrete pad as outdoor "run" - barely double the size of the indoor cage. We have spacious accommodations for dogs of all sizes – cozy and comfortable where they feel right at home. And we have plenty of space outdoors so they can run, walk and even roam free. Dogs need to exert their boosts of energy and they need some quiet downtime as well. We get it!

What makes Kennel Land even more special is that you don’t have to pay extra for long walks in the picturesque nature. And you don’t have to hand out extra money for us to provide love and attention for your pet. We treat your pet as if they were our own. Kennel Land is known for its staunch commitment and dedication for all its four legged guests.

Your canine companion at Kennel Land will have the chance to experience what most dog owners wish for their pets: real country life experience while enjoying the great outdoors most of the day. Once your buddy checks in, they are officially on a vacation adventure like no other. They spend the day playing and becoming friends with other dogs, while going on long walks on or off leash to explore all the exciting smells in fields, forest and meadows. They come home tired and happy in the evening to have a restful sleep in our spacious suites with soft rubber flooring and raised beds with doggie style pillows.

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At our facility every canine guest will be closely observed: small or large dogs, senior or puppies, loners that prefer a small group, high energy dogs that need lots of exercise, or the regular family member and even competition dogs – we are experts and know more than how to look after your best friend. The well-being of your four-legged pal is our main priority. Every dog will be part of our family and receives the same love and attention as our own pooches! From regular meals, to walking, to loving – we’ve got your pooch covered.

To make you and your buddy’s experience at Kennel Land dog boarding kennel in Milton even more fun we also offer other beneficial services outside of our dog boarding like basic grooming and a shuttle service for pick-ups and drop-offs.

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Kennel Land dog boarding facility in Milton is only 45 minutes away from Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, and Burlington, and is close to Acton, Guelph, Georgetown, and Rockwood. Contact us today and learn more about our premier dog boarding retreat here in Milton, ON.

Contact us at Kennel Land today and schedule a free tour of our facility. We are successful and this is clearly evident from our repeat customers and countless referrals. Once your furry buddy sees it, they will want to stay. Woof!

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