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OUR Philosophy

I think, we all know that all our dogs today are descendents of wolves. Some have changed in appearance more than others but they all share the ancestry of wolves. Now, if we want to have a clear understanding of the needs of our dogs today, let’s have a look at the life of wolves:

What is noticeable first of all is that they usually live together in a pack. Wolves – and dogs – are pack animals. That means in general our dogs are very sociable animals. They will befriend and accept as pack members not only other dogs but also us humans and even other animals like cats, horses, birds, rabbits and so on. There is hardly a limit to the kind of animal a dog can adopt as family as countless stories about a dog caring for a fawn or any other baby animal has proven – and some of these orphans would be the natural prey of wolves and dogs!

Dogs are curious animals
Second of all, wolves are very active and curious animals. Even if they are not hunting, running and chasing they always scrounge around or are on the prowl, check out their territory, play together and educate their young ones. A wolf is an high energy animal and I’m sure you have often seen them pacing their cages for hours to let off some steam when they are kept in closed confinement. Wolves are very intelligent animals and they need the constant input from their environment for all of their senses in order to not get bored and depressed.


freedomSo knowing that, let’s now have a look at what we are doing to our dog as family pets today. And do not forget that 99% of our dogs were originally bred as working dogs, be it for hunting, chasing, retrieving, herding, fighting or protecting. Yes, today he or she is part of the family - which covers the social aspect to a certain extent. But what happens with the working and energy aspect of our dogs? What happens when the family is gone during the day for long hours and the dog is alone at home? I know, we all would love to be able to take the dog with us all the time. Unfortunately this is not possible. So the dog stays at home every day, is bored, perhaps starts chewing on the furniture or a shoe and does hardly have any exercise because let’s face it, chasing a ball is just not fun on your own. Then the owner comes home late and tired, has to tell the dog off first for chewing the couch, then the dog demands: let’s go run and play because I’m full of energy and have not done anything at all the whole day. So you take him for a walk on a fairly short leash, perhaps toss the ball a few times in the back yard for him, give him a scratch and that’s it because you are tired and have a lot of other things still on your plate. Some of you are fortunate enough to have a leash-free park somewhere close by where you can take your buddy on the weekend if the weather is nice and let him be a dog the way nature intended him to be. But most people do not have time for the dog park every day or have a dog park close by at all.

PlaytimeOr what happens if you go away for longer on a holiday or business trip and have to leave the dog behind? Naturally you board him at a kennel facility which can be very impersonal and almost industrial. Most often the dogs are kept in small indoor pens with concrete floor and high concrete walls that do not allow the dogs to see much. And the noise in some of those places can be deafening. Can you imagine what it would feel like, to sensitive dog ears, to hear that all day long? A lot of boarding kennels also have a slightly bigger outdoor pen for each dog, again with concrete floor, roof and chain link fence, meeting the minimum legal requirements for size. It’s convenient for the handlers and for cleaning and plus, gives the pet owner the impression that the dog can go “outside”. But is there truly room to run and play? How much fun would it even be on a concrete floor? Is it really outside when you have a roof over your head? Or you have the option for a walk on a leash. Again, not quite enough opportunity for running and twirling and pouncing around. Or best-case-scenario the kennel has one outdoor run for maybe 15 dogs. We all know that not all dogs get along or that some owners do not want their dogs to interact with other dogs for various and legitimate reasons, which means that the outdoor time has to be divided up by all these dogs and playtime for your dog might be limited.

So here is our question: Do you think any of this really and fully satisfies your dog’s need to run and chase, to play and interact with others of his kind, to sniff and explore, to breathe clean air and stretch his legs, to bark and jump and run again to his heart’s desire? To let his paws hit the grassy ground, to climb up a hill or splash through water? To satisfy his curiosity and stimulate all of his senses? I think you know that the answer is ‘no’!

group walks And here is where we come in: Kennel Land provides ALL that a dog needs while you are away at work or on vacation or a business trip or simply too busy with other important things. Your dog will have other dogs here as buddies and company, he or she will have lots of space outdoors AND indoors for good or bad weather to run, play and chase and he will have us as friends as well. We are friends who will take the greatest care of him and play with him and take him on adventures. And then there is sooo much country to explore on a walk or a run, so many things to sniff and see and listen to, little ponds to go swimming in or just cool off, play structures and toys to experience. So much fun and exercise that he will love to come back time and time again. Even if you put him in Doggie Day Care only once or twice a week it will be enough to break the routine, give him the work-out he needs and make him a happier dog. And for dogs that do not like other dogs’ company we have separate outdoor runs while they still can enjoy all the other experiences with us as well!

Our commitment is to give our guests the best time of their life!