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Description of services

We offer the following services but we are also open to any special request you might have for your four-legged friend. For prices please see our price list.

Active play time or quieter social time with cuddling and bum scratches is 1-on-1 attention happily provided by us on a daily basis for each dog. During the day the dogs enjoy plenty of play time in small groups which are chosen according to the dog's energy level, gender or size. Each dog or family of dogs has their own luxuriously sized room where they eat their meals, sleep at night undisturbed or have a quick nap duing the day. An additional half an hour to 45 minutes walk every day is included in theTrail Package besides the playtime. The Athlete Package consists of two such walks per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The activities are spaced out during the day so that your pet is never bored. A long walk in the morning with the opportunity to go swimming in our wade-in ponds in the summer, some active play time in our spacious outdoor playgrounds afterwards and more group play in the afternoon, all interspersed with some naps in the sun, will keep our guests entertained and exercised.

If rain, snow or cold cuts the outdoor time short then the large indoor sand arena provides ample opportunity and room for play time indoors. Chasing a ball, the frisbee or just each other will fill up the main portion of the day.


Our Trail Package consists of a spacious suite for your dog with a raised bed and food and water bowls, lots of 1-on-1 attention with one long walk per day plus as much social and play time as wanted. The Regular package is perfect for any normal dog, big or small, with standard exercise requirements.

The Athlete Package includes an appropriately sized suite with raised bed, food and water bowls, plenty of social and play time with the other dogs and love and kisses from us plus TWO long walks per day. This is the recommended package for high-energy dogs.

The last day of boarding is either a half day if the dog gets picked up between 9 and 11 AM or a full day if picked up between 4 and 6 PM. Any pick-up or drop-off after closing time until 9 PM is possible for an extra charge of $50 flat fee. For full operating hours please go to Contact Us.


our dogs have fun


Because the environment created by us is extremely social we do not accept aggressive dogs for boarding. In general we also do not accept intact dogs (un-neutered or un-spayed), not because they might be the problem but because un-altered dogs are seen as threat by fixed dogs and potentially injuries could occur in dominance struggles. Some posturing and snarling is normal dog behaviour when playing, interacting or meeting new dogs and does not count as aggression. However, dogs that attack other dogs or even humans are not suited for this kind of facility. We also do not provide dog training or behaviour correction training as service and while we have seen many dogs who have gained confidence and social manners during their stay with us our main goal is a safe and fun boarding experience for all of our guests.



Brushing, nail clipping or a spa day with bath at the end of your pet's stay with us can be added as extra.

If our guest requires medical care other than supplements or medication in his food (e.g. changing bandages) we are happy to help. Please discuss his needs with us and inquire if any extra charge applies.

We also offer pick-up from and drop-off at your home for your convenience for an additional fee. This is very helpful to relieve the stress before you are leaving for a vacation or business trip. You just arrange the time for your pet’s pick-up and we will be right at your door to take our guest to his country vacation.

If your pet has an appointment with the vet or the groomer during his stay here we will gladly take him there, too.

Let us know if you have other special requests. We will not say “no”!


Playtimesocial time


Free of charge

Before your canine friend comes here for his first stay we require you to bring him out to the farm for an initial visit and a half hour meet-and-greet so that he is already familiar with us and his new surroundings when his vacation starts.

When your pet stays with us we will feed as per your instructions the food you supply to keep him on the same diet and to avoid health problems. If your dog gets extra supplements or medication please provide them as well and we will administer them free of charge as per your or your vet's instructions.

For perishable food and medications we have a fridge and a freezer in the kennel. Please do not change your dog's diet only to make it more convenient for us. The continued well-being of your dog is much more important to us than our convenience! If our canine guest eats raw or home cooked meals at home please provide them and we will gladly follow his usual routine.

Each suite has a wooden raised bed and you can bring your buddy's bed from home or even his crate if that is where he sleeps at home. You are also welcome to bring favorite toys or chew bones. They will stay in the suite where only your dog can play with them.

Each guest has his own locker where we keep his dry dog food, medication and any treats you like to bring for him so that nothing gets mixed up with another guest's belongings.

If you have more than one dog and they like to stay together we offer larger group suites at no extra cost.