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Apart from the fact that we are the No. 1 Choice for vets from near and far, here is what our customers have to say about us:

He [The dog] looks great!!! As usual and it will be good for him to have that exercise and lose a bit of weight. Thanks so much for the pictures, I really never think about him while we are away because I know that he is happy, spoiled and so well taken care of. You can quote me on that one. As I said in a precious email we appreciate you so much and are so happy to have found you. - J. and M.C.

Thank you so much for taking amazing care of my boxer Otis. After visiting several kennels, this one, Kennel Land was last on my list. I can tell you it should have been first on my list. The care Otis received was more than amazing. I will be a return customer because I am a happy customer. Tony and Petra show their love for animals by the care they give them. Thank you so much. - M.D.
We would never trust anybody else with our dog! - J.C.

Dear Tony & Petra,
we are so thankful for the genuine care you've always shown for Duke & Daisy. The night monitoring of Daisy during their recent stay was above & beyond - we really can't express our gratefulness to you both. Both Duke & Daisy are doing fine - our little Daisy should make a full recovery soon :-) - C.&M.P.
[Explanation: Daisy was in a car accident shortly before coming for her vacation and developed complications during her stay with us which we dealt with immidiately and expertly with the help of our vet Dr Woods from the Brookville Veterinary Clinic.]

Dear Tony & Petra,
Thank you very much for taking such good care of Sabby while we were away. The pictures were great and we all enjoyed and took comfort in the fact that she had others to play and run with. - The B.'s

I would like to say that Petra and Tony rock, they did such an amazing job with my three dogs. They stayed with them for a week and they were so tired when they came home, they slept for 2 days. They were depressed also, i think they missed it with them. I have never seen a place like Tony’s and Petra's and very clean. Very hard workers. Its beautiful, so beautiful i wanted to stay there. Two people run this and it's totally amazing. I would not hesitate to bring my dogs back. Tony takes pictures throughout their stay and sends them to your email so you can see how they are doing and I like that. The pictures are amazing. I shopped around for the best place and a lot of the kennels, they only take them out for their walks and most of the time they are kept in their stalls. I didn’t like that because my dogs are used to freedom. Tony and Petra gave that to them. Please check out Kennel Land before you take your dogs anywhere else, you will be amazed at what you see. I would never take my dogs anywhere else but Tony’s and Petra’s. - A.P., Toronto

Thank you so so much! He looks great. Poor thing he is living his chidhood that I have deprived him off. Lately I have been playing with him a lot and been acting silly, we are having so much fun together this is what he has needed all along. He looks really good and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. - T.H.

Thanks very much, both of you.  And I, in turn, really appreciate that I can leave my dogs with you, knowing they have great care, long walks (runs, even!) and have a great time while I am gone... You always go above and beyond! – H.W.

This is awesome! Thanks! - R.M.

Thank you very much for the pics and great care of my dog. He was tired. It was nice to know he got well exercised. Will recommend you and certainly use your services again! – M.G.

We're so happy that we left our dog in such great care. We can't wait to see him in a week. See you then, M.M.

Thanks for the update. Sounds like they are loving it. We don't mind B getting some extra exercise as he could use it. I am glad that S is doing well, he is the one we are most worried about. The P.'s

Thank you for the pictures and taking care of my dogs! It looks like they had a great time, and we will definitely bring them back for a vacation next time. – L.P.

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Thanks so much Petra and Tony for taking such good care of our dog! We LOVED the pictures and we know that he must have loved it at Kennelland and I think misses all of the canine company he had while he was there. I know the kennel that you have just started running will be a huge success and we look forward to bringing him there again - possibly over the X-Mas holidays! I think it is a vacation for him as well! Take Care and Thank-You Again! – N. and A.K.

Once again, thank you for the wonderful tour of your facility yesterday. I really appreciated the amount of time you spent with us giving a complete overview of your facilities. My son really enjoyed playing with the dogs and he especially liked Storm! As per our phone call Tony, we would like to book … - D.W.

Thank you so much for the pics, looks like B. had a lot of fun at your place, I'm glad to see that he also socialized a bit with the rest of the pack. We will definitely bring him back for his next vacation. Cheers, K.M.

Thank-you so much for taking the time to update me, I so wish I would of found you before my big vacation but now I know, it seems our dog will have a second home – hurrah! I really appreciate the detail and the care, thanks so much - see you in the am. – S.N.

Thank you so much for the journal. That is really just want we want. Better than Skype! Many thanks for giving them what sounds like a fantastic vacation! My wife said she'd still like to check in herself and rent a 'suite'! … - A.B.

Thanks for the pictures, He looks like he’s having a great time with you guys. - L.T.


Great to hear that my dog is doing fine over at your farm. he sure loves it when he gets a massage so im happy the bath went well. Thank you for washing the sheets and making his area feel like new, im sure he loves it. – P.S.

OMG, I so happy that my girl had the opportunity to spend time at kennelland. I took her to the vet yesterday to weigh her and she has lost 9 lbs., I am aiming for another 5lbs and she will be at a good weight. Our plan is to bring her to your kennel once a month for a weekend stay. She was depressed when we brought her home but we took her to the cottage that following Monday and that made her happy. Again, thank you for exercising her. M.-A.M.

Great pics! I don't think we could match a better vacation for her! M.M.

Thank you so much, I am so glad I found you. you guys are great and really nice people. thanks again !! – K.F.

Thank you so much for sharing.... Great pictures.....once again we really appreciated you watching our babies. We will definitely keep in touch. L.B.

Hi Petra my husband and I were out and saw your place we loved it i would like to book we may drop off our dogs on the Friday after work if that is ok. I told my mom all about you as she needs care for her dog as well. Thanks so much It is such a relief to know that my dogs will be cared for by your family. – L.G.

First of all, thankyou so much again for the tour of your boarding facility last week. My son and I really enjoyed ourselves! We were so impressed, so we'd like to ask if you have room for our dog from Thursday to Sunday. You've met her, she's an active girl, so we'd like to sign her up for the upgraded package also. - H.R.

I wanted to thank you for boarding my dog yesterday and to thank Tony for ALL the time he spent with me with the walk and the talks. I feel like selling my cookie cutter house and moving to the country. It is a really beautiful facility that you have made there. I can't wait until the next time I go there. – M.K.

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I will like to take the time to thank you and Tony for the beautiful time and tour you guys gave us. We could not be happier to have found you guys and I know my boys are going to be well taken care off and will enjoy their stay with Kennel Land. – L.S.

It was a pleasure to meet you both on Sunday. I think you are offering what we are looking for in boarding for our dog. Ideally, we would like to give him a trial run/sleep over before using your services… - G.S.

Great pictures, she obviously had a good time and had plenty of opportunity to exercise - thanks for that!  I see she found a nice patio to relax on and socialized well - thanks for that as well! She is doing great although I'm quite sure she must miss the farm on her long days in the back yard … - M.H.

Thanks for caring for my two pups. I hear they didn't want to come back home. I'm happy they had fun and were well taken care of while I was away. I will have them out to Kennel Farm for sure in the future! Again, thanks so much! – J.R.

I'm so delighted to hear that you've got lots of bookings coming up!!!! Fantastic!!!! Anytime I get a chance, I've been telling people all about you guys!!!! And if the dogs could talk, they'd be your best advocates!!!!! And the birthday party thing is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! We'll have to wait till next year to celebrate our dogs again!!!! – L.&A.B.

We really liked your facility today, thank you for giving us such a wonderful tour. The stalls look very clean and provide plenty of room for bigger dogs. We loved the fact that you were both very comfortable, confident and firm with our two dogs. We could tell that you have lots of expertise and experience with animals. Both of our dogs need strong pack leaders to be successful in a new environment … J.&M.W.

Thank you so much for taking good care of our dog.  He loves being at your farm! – A.R.

Thanks so much for being able to have our dogs.....they came back happy and tired! The LOVE is up there with you!....and we feel so blessed having found somewhere so awesome to leave our little pups! – JLB

We were referred to you by a friend who used you recently and was very happy... E.B.

Thank you so much. My dog came home tired and happy, which makes me happy too! She needs lots of exercise, and your farm is a wonderful place that she gets to run around... - C.A.